Automated Cyber Risk Management

At RSI, our mission is to optimize how businesses address their risks. The management of Cyber risk and IT compliance is inundated with painstaking, manual practices. We want to offer our clients a faster way to secure their organization and better monitor their Cyber risk. Using a proprietary Automated Cyber Risk Management tool, CyberCompass, RSI offers best-in-class risk assessment and remediation in 65% less time and for a fraction of the price. RSI also provides vCISO services for our clients in order to accompany them on their journey to automate their risk so that they can focus on their vision. 


RSI has disrupted how companies receive a Cyber Risk Assessment. We have replaced the expensive professional services hours, the manual reports and the painstaking time requirements. RSI accomplishes this through a proprietary tool, CyberCompass, so that we can conduct a better Cyber Risk Assessment in 65% less time and for up to 80% less cost. The power of our approach creates unprecedented efficiencies for everyone throughout the entire assessment.  


Through our services and proprietary tool, RSI ensures your cyber risks are identified while inherently addressing risks tied to compliance requirements. Whether it's HIPAA, NIST, PCI or GDPR, we can gauge your current standing and help you address the areas of your company that aren't compliant. Better yet, our automated software will generate an audit-ready report in minutes instead of weeks that can be delivered to any major regulatory body to prove you are compliant.  


Although our CyberCompass tool ensures our professional services save you time and money, it does even more for our clients during their Cyber Journey. Included with our Risk Assessment and vCISO services, we give you access to your very own CyberCompass SaaS solution, which gives you true peace of mind with:


  • A powerful dashboard where all your Cyber risk can be managed.

  • The ability to assign risks to individuals, departments, or other locations and track addressment in real-time. 

  • Automated Third-Party Management with the power to assign risk assessments to your vendors and ensure your Third Party risk is mitigated. 

  • Interactive Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures that can be adapted to your organization

  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan to mitigate the detriments of a disaster to your business 


RSI does more than provide you a Cyber Risk Assessment or access to our revolutionary CyberCompass tool. We want to help you in your Cyber Journey and ensure you succeed indefinitely. Our vCISO team can help with many aspects of Cybersecurity across your organization, including: 


  • Network Security Architecture

  • Audit Readiness

  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Strategy

  • Strategic IT Compliance Initiatives

  • Vulnerability Scanning Services

  • Communication Assessment

  • Business Impact Analysis

  • Third Party Assessments

While technology is great, we care about the customer and their overall experience in managing their risk. Our goal is to provide you with the means to automate your risk and focus on your vision!  

Compliance and Cybersecurity are at the forefront of every industry due to the increasingly prevalent malicious attacks and human error when interacting with Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The average cost of a breach these days is approaching $3,000,000. The problem isn't in the technology we use, it's how we manage our risks as we adopt these newer technologies. 


Taylor Hersom and his team provide specialized vCISO services and thought leadership geared towards Risk Management and Enterprise-wide Cybersecurity Strategy. Taylor's goal is to help companies achieve the previously inconceivable by offering an entirely new way for companies to manage their risk.  His vision is to challenge the growing epidemic of cybercrime and mitigate the repercussions as these attacks change from a simple inconvenience to a threat to business.  


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RSI has changed the way companies manage their risk and re-defined how Cyber Risk professional services are offered.


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