Data Identification & Characterization

Clairvoya is an innovative blockchain solution that governs your unstructured data to deliver unparalleled insight into where your data is, who has accessed it, what they are doing with it, and what purpose it serves.

When you really know your data, you'll be ready for anything.

What is it?
Who touched it?
Where is it coming from?
Where did it go?
  • Sensitive Data Identification & Categorization

  • Data Lineage

  • Data Actions

  • Data Maps & Flows

  • Data Visualization

  • Employee and Organization Tracking

  • Information Protection

  • Incident Management

  • Control Environment Assessment

  • Privacy Compliance

  • Junk/ROT Identification & Remediation

  • Legal Hold

Clairvoya's cloud-based, enterprise-call data management platform goes beyond best-in-class security, risk mitigation and compliance to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence and insight on your data.

Coverage: Cloud & On-Prem

  • E-mail

  • Microsoft Office product suite

  • OneDrive and SharePoint

  • Azure Active Directory

  • 1,000+ file types

  • Exchange (e-mail)

  • Microsoft Office product suite

  • Network File Shares

  • SharePoint

  • Active Directory 

  • 1,000+ file types

  • Office plug-in

  • Cloud and on-prem scanners

  • Centralized cloud database

  • UI & admin

  • Full API connectivity across platform

  • Machine learning (e.g., entity identification, sentiment analysis)