Data Science & Machine Learning

At RSI, our mission is to optimize how businesses operate. As available data continues to grow, the promise of informed decision making and increased efficiencies intensifies, yet only a small faction of companies capture value from their data assets. Our data science team strives to rectify this discrepancy by transforming data to meaningful, actionable information. We work with our clients to identify opportunities and develop solutions which make a meaningful impact.


Every project starts with your product need. Next, our data science team gets to work identifying the right questions to ask and developing a plan to discover the answers. They'll work with you to determine goals and establish performance benchmarks.

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Our data science team begins preliminary analysis. They'll assess available data and link together data sources as required. The team will explore alternative methods and identify the most promising approach to meet your requirements.

Model Development

An iterative process of development, testing, and validation commences. Leveraging their expertise in machine learning, our data science team will begin a search for the optimal model, while continuously testing to ensure that performance benchmarks are in reach.


After demonstration of the model's capabilities, integration into your existing processes begins. Our team will ensure that stakeholders are confident in the model, and we'll ensure the model's performance remains high in production.

Jacob Faucheaux, PhD and his team of data scientists provide custom made data science solutions and consulting. Using expertise in data visualization and machine learning, Jacob’s goal is to help companies transform themselves into data-driven organizations.

More Services

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