Data Security

Your customers expect it. RSI helps you achieve it.

Build trust while you manage the growing amount of privacy regulations. RSI can help you more than meet the minimum requirements.

Data Privacy Impact Assessments

Every organization needs to know the answers to these important questions about your data:

  • What data do we collect?

  • Why do we need the data?

  • How do we process the data?

  • Who do share the data with?

The security professionals at RSI will deploy a DPIA that will help you systematically analyze, identify and minimize your data protection risks.

Data Loss Prevention

RSI will detect potential data breaches and prevents them by monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data while in use, in motion, and at rest. 

Data Protection

RSI will safeguard sensitive data from corruption, compromise or loss. As organizations continue to create data at unprecedented rates, the importance of data protection also grows.


  • Restricted user access rights / reporting / review

  • Segregation of Duties
    Least privilege

Identify and track sensitive and important data in real time. See what's in your data, where it's gone and what's been done with it. Easily take control of your data so you can manage risk and compliance with confidence and ease.

Data Identification & Categorization