1. What is Compliance Risk Assessment and how does CyberCompass assist customers?

    1. Any company that houses customer data, payment data, and/or confidential data must protect it.

    2. Regulatory bodies such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and NAIC can audit companies at any time to verify they are protecting that data.

    3. A risk assessment is like taking a test to show how well your organization is protecting their systems and data.

    4. It’s an imperative first step in figuring out where your weaknesses are so you know your weaknesses AND what to do about them.

    5. Oftentimes, vendors you do business with also expect periodic risk assessments in order to avoid breach of contract.

    6. Every business that does work for the government requires periodic risk assessments.


  1. Can you talk a little bit about how CyberCompass is disrupting the current Compliance landscape?

    1. Re-defined how companies accomplish risk assessments. No more long meetings, costly hours, manual reports.

    2. Took away the ‘invoice and leave’ model entirely.

    3. Created a tool that empowers companies to self-assess themselves, keep track of compliance, and stay in compliance just by using tool.

    4. The tool is modular, so we can add any cybersecurity regulation quickly. We adapt and evolve constantly

  1. How is CyberCompass uniquely empowering Telarus agents to become strategic compliance advisors for their clients?

    1. Our tool creates an entire roadmap of vulnerabilities, ranked by criticality, that require new technologies/processes in order to address.

    2. Agents can sell these new technologies/services for even MORE commissions

    3. This also makes the agent a strategic security advisor

  1. How does RSI continue to add value to companies after their initial compliance assessment rather than simply invoice and leave?

    1. Every risk assessment from competitors is a single project, with a single deliverable: a PDF report

    2. We streamline the interviews, automate the evidence archiving, and automate the report. THEN we give a year’s subscription to our client tool.

    3. Tool lets you assign findings from your risk assessment to anyone in your organization, track remediation, manage Cybersecurity Policies and procedures, track Cyber Awareness employee training.

    4. Vendor management: helps you manage vendor contracts, third party risk assessments, SOC2 reports, and even manage what vendors have access to in your organization.

    5. Tool is continuously updated with better features, better risk responses, better resources to bring value continuously.

  1. How easy is it for our Partners to get a quote from RSI?

    1. So easy! Just email us at cybercompass@rsitex.com, we give you a link to our proprietary pricing tool. Enter # of employees, # of locations, press ‘enter’ and BOOM! You’ve got a pricing estimate! Our pricing, even our professional services, is bundled into an easy monthly price for customers.