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RSI Virtual Network Hosting Services: Green, efficient, affordable



Renaissance Systems Inc. has partnered with Green Revolution Cooling to provide a Virtual Network environment that harnesses the energy-efficient cooling properties of mineral oil to build and maintain Virtual Network applications and infrastructure of all sizes. Now you can use our HOSTING PORTAL to build and implement your own network for less, using our customizable features:

Virtual Firewall: Manage all your traffic with full VPN, load balancing and firewall capabilities
 Layer 2 Isolated Network: All your virtual machines can communicate with each other in your own dedicated Layer 2 Isolated Network.
 Snapshot-Based Disk Image Backup
 All Major LINUX Distributions
• DNS Hosting
• Fast, Automatic Provisioning of new VMs

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Additional hosting services

In addition to our automated Virtual Network services, RSI offers:
• Co-location Services
• Fully Managed VMware hosting
If you need these custom services, call us at 512-600-3200