Natural Language Processing

The RSI Innovation Center is investing heavily in machine learning algorithms for natural language processing. We hope to replace tedious, manual review of  documents with algorithms that extract meaningful information.

Computer Vision

The RSI Innovation Center is leveraging the latest advances in neural networks for image processing. We're working on automatically filtering through large collections of images to identify those with important features and effectively categorize them with relevant labels.


In close partnership with our Cybersecurity team, the RSI Innovation Center is working on tools to automate Cyber risk management and help companies meet their compliance needs. Our goal is to provide dynamic information which enables businesses to assess their risk, prioritize remediation efforts, and eliminate tedious, manual processes.

Predictive Analytics

As the supply of available data continues to grow, the RSI Innovation Center is  transforming this data into actionable insight. The team is passionate about building models which can identify early warning signs of breakdowns or anomalies.