RSI offers a full portfolio of Integrated Risk Management services to help customers Assess, Remediate and Maintain help a fully-defensible security posture. With an approach that is 80% cheaper and 65% faster than traditional assessments, customers will  quickly and easily experience the benefits of a comprehensive security strategy.

At RSI, our CyberCompass™ methodology is the foundation of our risk assessments. By following the below process and using our proprietary technology platforms, we fundamentally disrupt how your organization traditionally identifies risk. Our methods enable us to identify more granular risks impacting your organization while still maintaining a hyper-efficient engagement that doesn’t take months to complete. Instead of just giving you a risk report and wishing you luck, we provide continuous value after the risk assessment to ensure that you have all the tools you need to understand and address the unique risks impacting your organization specifically.

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CIS 20



NIST 171


NIST 800 53

RSI’s staff of Chief Information Security Officers deliver comprehensive cyber risk and compliance consulting - strategic planning, security consulting, Board of Directors Advisory  services, risk assessments, incident response  and cyber risk awareness training.

Identify and track sensitive and important data in real time. See what's in your data, where it's gone and what's been done with it. Easily take control of your data so you can manage risk and compliance with confidence and ease.

RSI will analyze cyber risks and vulnerabilities in network devices, operating systems, Docker containers, applications, and databases, Work with an RSI Chief Information Security Office to determine how often testing is required for your organization.

Led by RSI’s team of Chief Information Security Officers and compliance experts, RSI can provide a range of tactics and guidelines to ensure compliance to regulations and frameworks for your industry as well as reduce the susceptibility to cyber-attacks.

Compliance and cyber risk mitigation requires alignment with people and processes, not just systems. RSI’s team of cyber experts can prepare your compliance and security officers as well as staff to help your company achieve your compliance and risk prevention goals.