Technical Assistance Center

At RSI, our mission is to deliver custom-built solutions with our 24/7 Technical Assistance Center that allows our team to monitor the availability and performance of your networks, servers, and other devices which alleviates business problems.  We want to offer our clients an exceptional extended support experience. Using knowledge and expertise, RSI offers best-in-class managed detection and response IT services and support at affordable pricing.


Managed Network

Your network infrastructure needs to be secure, up-to-date and operating at the speed of business. Our TAC team can help you build, maintain or upgrade your network to meet your organization's requirements today and into the future.

Security Compliance

Security is everything, without it what do you have? Between a growing number of devices on the network, compliance requirements, and pressure from business stakeholders to keep critical data safe, there's no room for error. Our TAC team members are certified in security, and work side-by-side our CyberSecurity department.

Managed Storage

Data management is a labor-intensive and hardware-intensive process – especially when talking about managing storage, data backup, and archiving solutions. Our TAC Team can provide flexible, accessible, secure and affordable Managed IT Storage Services to meet your capacity and performance requirements. 

Managed IT Solutions

Having complete confidence in your IT systems is a must. Managed IT services can administer and manage your IT systems, while your IT professionals focus on more strategic initiatives.

IT Backup & Disaster Recovery

A managed IT Backup Solution can help secure and manage your data with confidence so with Disaster occurs, you have peace-of-mind knowing your data is backed up and recoverable. 

Managed Database

Database administration, patching, upgrades, performance analysis and tuning is extremely resource intensive. With a Managed Database solution, you can devote less resources to routine maintenance and troubleshooting. 

Are you looking for a Managed IT solution? 

More Services

Whether you need a redesign of your legacy software or a completely new program or app, your vision is brought to life with the highly experienced coders and programmers at RSI.


Feel confident you are making well-informed business decisions by uncovering hidden

insights, knowing market trends, and customer preferences can provide clarity to the future of your business.


In an event of a disaster, how prepared are your employees and will you be able to maintain critical up-time? RSI can help plan and conduct disaster recovery exercises.