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Self-assess your security and compliance posture for any cyber regulation or framework

  • CyberCompass™ intelligently compiles a robust risk register as you answer questions and generates a powerful, audit-ready risk report.

  • Track and document remediation efforts for every identified risk with easy-to-understand threat response guidelines and audit trail capabilities built-in.

  • Access to proprietary Policies and Procedures generator and Vendor Management module catered to your organization’s industry.

  • Full support from RSI’s team of virtual CISO’s, so you can gain insight and assistance from a cybersecurity professional at the click of a button.



Quickly identify vulnerabilities across employees, processes, technology and vendors.

  • Security Risk Assessments 80%+ faster

  • Our consultants focus more on your business while our tool does the legwork 

  • Automation and streamlined workflow in place of costly professional service hours

  • Includes HIPAA, NIST, GDPR, NY DFS, NAIC, CCPA, CIS 20, with new regulations added

  • Determines your real risk score and intelligently evolves as your company does

  • 90% compliance within 90 days

Greatly enhance security posture without sacrificing budget



  • Prioritizes strategic risks to create a  robust roadmap to remediation

  • Detailed remediation steps give you the power and expertise

  • Intelligent risk tracker with assignment capabilities and built-in reminders

  • Cyber Policies and Procedures at the click of a button

  • On-demand cybersecurity training tracked in a Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Third-Party Management w/ assignable risk assessments for your vendors

  • Whether you need 1 risk assessment or 1000, CyberCompass streamlines and manages it all

Rapidly correct issues to protect your organization and be audit ready.

Bring your Cyber Risk Management into the 21st Century



Keep your entire organization cyber vigilant with increased visibility and accountability.

  • Always stay informed with real-time dashboards

  • Custom reporting for your Board, management, employees, vendors, and auditors

  • Removes silos by tracking risks by department/location to embrace ownership

  • Maintains Body of Evidence and audit trail

  • Management of liabilities to adhere to legal, insurance, and government requirements

  • Proving your compliance to vendors and regulators is as easy as clicking a button

Prevent business interruptions and Losses from cyber incidents.