Managed Services & IT Pro Services

Managed Services

We Have You Covered 24/7.

At RSI, managed services is more than just watching your network. It’s about being engaged with your IT team, proactively coordinating projects with vendors, and ensuring your network assets are available, scalable and protected.

  • Monitoring up/down status of network equipment, computers, mobile devices, and servers with pro-active problem-resolution.
  • End-point Security to enhance the protection of critical data and resources.
  • Vendor Management and Coordination to reduce complexity and create efficiencies.
  • Strategic Technology Planning and how it fits with Disaster Recovery Strategy and Business Continuity Plans.
  • Annual/Bi-Annual Penetration Testing to ensure evolving vulnerabilities are addressed.
  • Patch Management and Firmware Updates to ensure that your critical network infrastructure is running the latest versions.

Remediation Services

When your Auditor says “fix it”.

If your internal IT assessment, or even worse, an external auditor has discovered varying levels of risks to your organization’s critical data, RSI quickly delivers remediation services to enhance your cyber risk posture.

  • Virtual Chief Security Officer
    Whether regulations require you to have a vCISO or you just need a compliance strategy, RSI’s vCISO services ensures you have a licensed auditor on your side.
  • IT Policy and Procedures, 75+ pre-built and ready to fit with your organization.
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy & Testing of people, processes & technologies then refining them through practice to ensure business runs.
  • Business Continuity Plans & Testing that identifies minimal critical systems to sustain business operations and how to restore them.

Cloud Migration

Because uptime is a business requirement.

RSI is well experienced with designing, implementing and supporting complex migrations to the cloud. We embed unified threat management, redundancy and instantaneous data restoration into every solution to ensure the highest availability to critical applications and data.

  • Data Center Selection & Cost Analysis for SOC II/Type II Compliant vendors.
  • Design and architect computing infrastructure.
  • Vendor Coordination for data migration from old systems to new cloud environment.
  • Data Backup and Restore Testing & Validation, before a disruption or disaster happens.
  • Project Management as single point of contact.
  • As-built Documentation, Processes & Procedures to ensure what was envisioned is what is delivered.
  • Training for systems admins, IT managers and users.

RSI's Difference

RSI creates Radical Solutions to pressing problems with Disruptive Technologies and Disruptive Processes. For many of our clients, we are a game changer because our solutions can transform people and culture.