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An Incredible Spartan Achievement by RSI's Team Member, Patrick Langenbach

RSI wants to congratulate our Senior Software Developer, Patrick Langenbach, on completing the Spartan World Championship Course in September at North Lake Tahoe. Patrick has completed two Trifectas and is scheduled to complete his third Trifecta by the end of the year, which means that he will have completed between 85 and 90 miles in competition alone this year!

Patrick began training for Spartan races in 2016 after joining a boot camp type workout program at his local YMCA, where he became a fitness instructor. The program included an entry into a Spartan race, which is how his love for obstacle course racing began.

Patrick typically competes alone, but he has also proudly completed a Trifecta with his daughter in 2017. Overall, he has done 8 Spartan races, which require several obstacles like dragging heavy items and climbing walls and ropes. Patrick enjoys that each race is different and uniquely challenging, which makes it exciting to complete each new course.

Patrick shared that racing has changed his life dramatically as it helps him look at his work and personal life with a whole new perspective. Channeling his newfound energy, he strives to provide clients with a new solution to help them overcome pain points and challenges.

We are very proud of Patrick for his personal accomplishments and dedications and we wish him the best of luck at the next Spartan race on October 27th and 28th!