• Frank Segarra

Time to Boost Your Cyber Confidence

Like many of you, RSI has been on the Telarus event track. Since August, I've hit 4 major events and met hundreds of incredible partners that are evolving into great friendships.

Telarus has brought RSI to the stage and round table discussions because we have created a great opportunity and conversation starter about cybersecurity that is different than what you've been presented in the past. You now have access to a solution that provides any organization control over their cybersecurity risks and how they relate to their overall security strategy. Our solution is a huge disruption to the traditional mindset of hiring a consulting firm for a tedious, costly security assessment. Sounds interesting, right? Only problem is, even seasoned partners feel like they might be trespassing into a sensitive topic with customers when it comes to cybersecurity, like there's a rule against asking about a company’s current security posture.

To help provide some insight on how compliance and cyber risk assessments can be your door-opener, without trespassing, I'm going to remove my CISO hat and replace it with my sales hat for a bit.

Guide the customer to an empathetic mindset. As you speak to your customer, think about how cybersecurity affects you and who you do business with personally - your doctor, gas station, grocery store, even your utilities company. They all have your personal information. Help your buyer see it in that vein as well. This is not about a check box for the CEO to confirm that the firewalls and antivirus are in place. This is about people and processes too; with the amount of detriment that can be created by exposing customer and employee data, you can layer it on thick. Just remember, they feel vulnerable in this situation and need to feel that you can relate rather than feel like they are exposing the skeletons in their closet.

Ask questions - just your basic blocking and tackling. Partners who bring me into customer calls find that I just ask a series of questions to get a better understanding of their security strategy and posture. For those partners, it's typically very eye opening and they learn things about customers they never knew. Three questions can reveal a lot:What are you currently doing to identify and manage security risk across your entire IT environment?What types of questions is your leadership team/Board of Directors/etc. asking? Any big demands coming down the pipeline?What currently are your biggest stressors when it comes to managing security?

Start with the assessment - it will open more doors that you think. RSI's compliance and cyber risk assessment, CyberCompass™, is an easy-to- us SaaS application that walks customers through a series of yes-no questions about their current security landscape. From those questions will come a score and remediation plan. The remediation plan is where you will find other opportunities for additional sales. More importantly, it allows you to be the trusted security advisor, providing guidance on the solution and  being the expert on appropriate suppliers. Said differently: remediation plan = what you already do every day.

When you have the results of the assessment, you'll walk away with the actual risks impacting your customer, allowing you to help them zero in on a plan. Most importantly, this puts you on a path to talking about the strategic direction of the company and how the risk remediation plan is part of the ongoing cyber security efforts......indefinitely.

These continuous interactions with Telarus partners and our strategic partnership with Telarus directly has allowed RSI to identify such a tremendous opportunity in educating you and ensuring that you have the cyber confidence needed to approach your clients about security. We will continue to evolve our practice around our beloved Telarus partners and work together to re-define how customers enhance their security posture.


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