Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

RSI will analyze cyber risks and vulnerabilities in network devices, operating systems, Docker containers, applications, and databases, Work with an RSI Chief Information Security Office to determine how often testing is required for your organization.

Identify weaknesses in infrastructure, applications and employee process to determine how to best allocate resource to improve the security of your entire organization.

Inspection, detection and classification of system weaknesses in networks and communications equipment.

RSI measures the risk of a successful phishing attack against your organization, as well as your organization's resilience against phishing attacks over time.

  • Scans computer and network storage for unencrypted sensitive data.

  • Includes PII, PCI, HIPAA.

  • Provides scan report identifying path and filename of unencrypted data.

  • Technical Assistance for corrective action available (billed hourly)

  • Checks proper configuration of secure network connections.

  • Includes SSL and TLS standards.

  • Provides scan report including corrective actions.

  • Includes up to 10 server to server (API) connection scans.

  • Technical Assistance for corrective action available (billed hourly).

  • Scans software source code for security issues.

  • Provides scan report identifying potential issues with the code.

  • Technical Assistance for corrective action available (billed hourly).

  • Includes one application with up to 500,000 lines of code, data map and reviewing of application data processing.

  • Uses industry-standard methodology.

  • Provides an inventory of all devices connected to local network.

  • Covers 1 main network.